Every care plan has to be designed according to your physician's prescriptions and your particular situation. While receiving treatment and care services at home, having a Companion to support you can be an advantage.

A Professional Companion can provide services including the following:

  • Housekeeping
  • Personal Laundry
  • Incidental Transportation
  • Meal Preparation and Medication Management
  • Running Errands

This non-medical service is provided by a certified caregiver or home care practitioner. He or she will be supervised by our agency to make sure that we meet your care needs at home.

As necessary, your companion can document your health improvements and make suggestions if changes to the care plan should be applied. Our Professional Companions are trained to look for signs of improvement or raise red flags if health or living conditions do not improve. We keep you away from health hazards. We focus on your health and well-being at home.

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